Thursday, 17 September 2009

Data, ideas and more

Yesterday, I met with Luis Martinez Uribe, Digital Repositories Research Coordinator, to talk about research data. Luis is working in the The Embedding Institutional Data Curation Services in Research (EIDCSR) project which looks at research data management and curation challenges. Previously he worked in the Scoping digital repository services for research data management project where he collected very interesting data which forms the foundation for the EIDCSR and hopefully many more similar projects.

Luis and I talked about overlaps in both projects and on how some common themes arised in both our data analyses. Luis has collected information about the processes and needs of researchers regarding the creation and use of research data. These are data that researchers create and use as part of their research activities (e.g., images of the heart. ) He is looking at developing processes for creating metadata and preserving both metadata and research data across time. In this form data can be reused by multiple researchers in multiple ways.

In BRII I have collected information about the nature of research activities across the Scientific - Human spectrum and from the academic, administrative and strategist perspectives and how these activities are reflected in public data such as websites. Part of the information collected reveals the reasons for sharing Rearch Activity Data (e.g., improve visibility) which are the reasons BRII wants to support and enhance across the University and beyond. Of course data have also revealed that there are reasons against making Rearch Activity Data publicly available (e.g. confidentiality issues) as well as technical difficulties which make sharing a complex task.

Anyhow, we found that there were common issues arising from the creation, use and sharing of research related data: Research Data (EIDCSR) and Research Activity Data (BRII) particularly within the context of institutional initiatives (as opposed to individual efforts). We think that these issues deserve some attention as they are influential in the implementation and acceptance of efforts like EIDCSR and BRII by their core users: Researchers.

...So we are outlining a paper which will explore those issues and let's see what happens. Print this post

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