Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Institutional Innovation Projects Trade Fair

I have been working on the products I will offer in the Projects Traid Fair, part of the JISC Institutional Innovation Exchange event. I have designed a couple of posters to explain my three products. These will be:
  • The Vocabulary site storing the new vocabularies created by BRII providing formal descriptions of concepts, terms and relationships within the "research" knowledge domain (funder information, people profiles, research data).
  • Experiences and lessons learned from the User Testing of the Blue Pages. I have related some of these experiences in previous posts. I have also written a paper which will hopefully be published at the end of this month in Ariadne. In this paper I describe our approach to user testing, the reasons for choosing that approach and the lessons we have learned from it.
  • The Oxford Blue Pages... or at least the concept of the Blue Pages, displaying aggregated Research Activity Data as research objects and the connections between them.
The JISC have asked us to make projects products directly related to your final report and outputs.

I will also have to buy products from other projects attending the event. I asked our JISC contact if we had to buy products which could be used only in our current JISC projects. He said there was not problem with making purchases with related activities. So I can buy products which can be useful in other activities in our office or perhaps other departments in the University. Print this post

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