Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Project Evaluation

We just finished our Project Evaluation report. The project's summative evaluation took place on the 19th of February and was directed by Neil Beagrie from Charles Beagrie Ltd. As part of this evaluation Neil ran an online survey with a sample of our interviewees and testers. The results were very positive. We chose people who knew about BRII and who had at least seen a demo or tested the Blue Pages. The reason for this was that we needed respondents who understood the basic concepts of BRII’s entity registry and RAD (Research Activity Data) and and were able to assess the potential benefits that sharing and re-using RAD could have for the University.

For the purpose of the survey we asked respondents to have a look at the working version of the Blue Pages. As this tool is still under development we have limited access only from Oxford networks. However I also compiled a series of screenshots for respondents who were not on campus. You can see the status of the Blue Pages six weeks ago.

and these are the results of the survey (click on + to zoom in):

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