Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Sample Applications Poster

This is the second part of the BRII poster presented at the Lifelong Learning and Workforce Engagement Support, Synthesis and Benefits Realisation Event on Friday 25th of April in Manchester. This bit was designed by Anne Bowtell MedSci Project Manager and Web Manager. It explains the technical aspects of the project: the Research Information Infrastructure and the harvesting of information by using semantic web ontologies and RDF technologies.

The event was interesting and very interactive. We met people from other projects within the Institutional Innovational programme. Good place for networking. Click here to see a slideshow with all the posters that participated. It will give you a good idea of the projects that attended. The posters were uploaded by the event organisers JISC in their event website. Unfortunately some of the posters are not legible as the slideshow does not allow zooming in. I also found that they are organised randomly! The two parts of the BRII poster are separate. :-0

Next thing in our agenda will be an Assembly that we are organising for the 9th of June. The topic of the agenda will be Stakeholder Buy-in. We have a guest speaker and we will ask other projects to present their views. Will post about this later in May.
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