Monday, 20 April 2009

Stakeholder Analysis Poster

This is the poster I designed for the upcoming JISC event. Click on the figure to see a larger version.

Here I try to show the two aspects of the BRII stakeholder analysis I am finding while doing it. Everytime I do some research on a department, an academic or an administrative officer, or everytime I setup an appointment I find new, different things. Every area within the University has their own way of doing things, some are more open than others, some are quicker than others at replying, some are more receptive and some are more skeptic.

The overall context of BRII is Research Management data but we are focusing only on Research Activity data. Research Activity data is the subset of management research data which is already or potentially publicly available. In other words Research Activity data is the public side of research management data. (I wrote about Research Management data here.) Due to the short life of the project we are focusing on building a pilot with publicly available data.

The line between public and confidential is not that clear though. On a first thought it would seem that identifying this subset would be simple. However, during this analysis I am finding different views in this respect. Some areas of the university which are probably more open would have more information as public, whereas other areas would keep most information as confidential. The poster shows some kinds of data which are often considered as public, e.g., researchers' profiles and publications.
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